Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shutter Bug

Hmmn .... I got this new digicam and suddenly i am seeing things now differently. For example, my mom gave me plate full of boiled corn and here i am clicking photos of it and experimenting with all the features of the camera till i got the perfect picture. You can see the end result in the picture to the left.

When i was finished with the photo session finally, the corn was all cold and hard. Guess the shutter bug has bitten me. I am now spending my times going through various photography web sites/blogs for tips on better photography.

And another example. I see a couple of black ants on my table. My reaction on a normal day would have been to send them straight to hell with my iron fist. But now, i am finding myself scurrying for the cam to get a nice close up macro shot of them.(which i haven't mastered yet -- have to learn a lot). The ants which were initially frightened as i got the cam close, became calm after a while as they dint see any immediate danger coming from me. And so you see them cool and calm in the picture to your left