Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Must have Android apps for Indian users - BookMyShow- Category - Entertainment

Number two on the series on Must have Android apps for the Indian user is BookMyShow. Movie junkies need not look any further for their ticket booking needs. BookMyShow provides a convenient way to search and book movie tickets. Currently the application supports movie, art and theatre and sporting tickets.

The developers have promised to include other miscellaneous events in the near future. Once the application is launched we are greeted with a rather elegant and simple screen. This gives an option to choose from the below categories.

Once a category is selected (in this example movies), the select region screen is displayed. You can use the

Must have Android apps for Indian users - TOI - Category - News

Number one on the series of must have android applications for the Indian consumers is the TOI - TIMES OF INDIA app. This is one of my favorite news applications presenting the information in a simple and uncluttered format. The categories are organized sideways and all the news headlines related to the category are organized in a page. One can move to the next category using the category label at the top or a side swipe gesture towards left or right. One cannot but avoid noticing the advertisement in the bottom of the screen. This from my experience is mostly unobtrusive.

Main screen showing various categories and news articles

Detailed news is brought about by clicking on the headline which opens up the news in detail.

Clicking inside the news expands the news to full screen mode which is convenient.

A rather interesting category that stood out from other normal categories one would expect from a news application is the Movie Reviews. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the ratings and reviews collected and presented in a single page.

I will be covering other apps in this last in my future posts. Please leave a comment if you have any app in mind.
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