Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Web Browser - Amazon Silk

Along with the announcement of Kindle Fire, a great publicity was given to the Amazon Silk browser. Amazon claims to provide a much better mobile browsing experience with its new "Split Browser" architecture.

It promises to do so by doing chunk of the processing in the Amazon cloud servers and then delivering a optimized content to the devices themselves. It would also employ content compression and last mile connection optimization to do so.

Whether this is any different than Opera Mobile's and SkyFire browser remains to be seen.

Official note after this :
{Source : Amazon }

Amazon Silk
Revolutionary Cloud-Accelerated “Split Browser”
Modern websites are complex. A typical web page requires 80 files served from 13 different domains. This takes a regular browser hundreds of round trips, and adds seconds to page load times.
Amazon Silk is different in a radical new way. When you use Silk, without thinking about it or doing anything explicit, you’re calling on the computing speed and power of the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS). We've refactored and rebuilt the browser software stack to push pieces

Amazon announces four new Kindle devices

Amazon has silently announced four new Kindle devices : 
Kindle for $79
Kindle Touch for $99

Kindle Touch 3g for $149
Kindle Fire - An android tablet for $199.
The announcement from Jeff Bezos - Amazon CEO and Founder after this :
Dear Customer,
There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.
We are excited to announce four new products: the all-new Kindle for only $79, two new touch Kindles – Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G – for $99 and $149, and a new class of Kindle – Kindle Fire – a beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more, for only $199.

Amazon unveils its new android Tablet - Kindle Fire

Amazon has dived head first into the tablet market with its Kindle Fire ending a long running speculation that Amazon would release its own tablet.
 Price : $199
 The price seems the true differentiator. With a solid spec including an IPS panel but no 3g, it is in fact a sweet deal.
 Below is the official Amazon announcement of the Tablet :
Stunning Color Touchscreen

Will a new android tablet be unveiled in today's Amazon press conference ?

Today is the Sep 28th 2011 and everyone is eager for the announcement that will be made for invitation of this sort. The invitation bears striking resemblance that Apple employs in terms of of both simplicity and the way it is designed to evoke a curious and what will happen there response.

The speculation is that Amazon will announce a new 7 inch tablet powered by android. And given Amazon's experience with content availability for hand held readers, it remains to be seen how it is going to differentiate itself from the plethora of android tablets available.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Android fastest growing Mobile OS - not iPhones' iOS

According a recent study published by Nielsen android has been the choice of OS for more than 56 % of the consumers who got a new phone.

Apple iPhones iOS trails at a distant second at 28%. The leader of yesteryear, Blackberry come third and managed to hold only a meager 9 % of the total market share.

The increased moment in android sales may be attributed to the wide variety of hardware availability, a vibrant apps ecosystem that has prompted a interested developer community, choice of carriers, possibility of customizing the software and a plethora of other reasons.

The OS share :

 {Source : Nielson}