Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HTML5 Nokia Maps apps available for iOS and Android

Nokia's Ovi maps has always been one of my favorite map and navigation application ever since the day i was using the Nokia 6210 Navigator . I was really happy to see that Ovi maps is now available as a web based HTML5 app for the iOS and Android platforms.

It includes ability to cache/download your neighborhood area map. Once the maps are downloaded through WIFI, it would save a lot on network data costs and also improves performance of the map application.

Though it does not feature turn by turn or voice navigation, it has all the common bell and whistles like POI search, Traffic, location sharing, favorites, detailed route info and other.

Screen shots below:

Nokia Maps - Nokia Maps for Android
Nokia Maps - Offline map storage
Nokia Maps - POI search
Nokia Maps - Share location
Nokia Maps - Route display
Nokia Maps - Direction List
Nokia Maps - Available sharing options
Nokia Maps - About