Saturday, October 29, 2011

Must have Android apps for Indian users - NDTV - Category - News

Number four on the series on Must have Android apps for the Indian user is the NDTV appThe app brings all of NDTV's content in a very compact and simple to use touch interface.

The news is grouped into several categories like Top stories, Recent, India, World etc. These categories can be navigated by horizontally swiping the category list.

Touching the menu icon in the top right brings other content like Photos, Videos, Market, Cricket, Live TV, Live Radio, Weather etc.

Tapping one of these takes us to the screen corresponding to it.

Below is an example showing the Photo gallery section. When clicked on it every gallery starts a full scrren slide show with a little write up about the photo.

Weather and Live Radio:

Market and cricket:

The NDTV is surely a jack of all trades, providing various content like News, Live TV and Live Radio.

Market Download Link :Here

QR Code : 

Please leave your comments about this app and any other app you deem fit to be in this list

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